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Cake Smash

Newcastle Newborn, Maternity, Cake Smash & Baby Photography

Newcastle Newborn, Maternity, Cake Smash & Baby Photography

You’ve done it!

You have survived your first year of parenthood, and your little baby is becoming a toddler. A wonderful way to celebrate this milestone is with a Cake Smash Photography Session. Beautiful outfits, creative setups, quality props, and a fantastic artisan cake! Your cake is provided and delivered to our studio prior to your session. I have a selection of ONE cake toppers and garnishes in studio.
This cake smash photography session will create a memory cherished for years, and most likely not only in your house — I have yet to see a grandparent who would say “No” to a custom print in their home.
You will be able to use these fun, high resolution images on invitations and/or thank-you cards. On your walls at home and even as gifts to relatives and friends. Invited to a First Birthday Party, this is the perfect gift— gift a Cake Smash Photography session, it will be remembered for a life time! See our gorgeous gift vouchers below.

Are you curious?

Whether you are ready to book your cake smash photography session or just researching, come and meet me at the studio. We are in Lambton. Once you see the place — it is much easier to decide whether you want to bring your baby in. You will see examples of finished products and discuss setups, colours, props, outfits, allergies, expectations — anything you might have on your mind!
We photograph Newcastle Newborn Photography at 8-14days old and Cake Smash and Child Photography Sessions once bub can sit on their own. (10-12 months of age). I would love to know your baby’s habits, what they like and what is to be avoided. What makes them smile or laugh. As a parent you might also want to know me better — you will be more at ease if you had met me before. This is important as babies sense very well when their parents are “En Garde” and when they are completely relaxed.
I don’t mean to brag but there are quite a few oh-so-cute hand-made by artists outfits for both boys and girls. We source through Charlie Beau, Lou Lou’s Prop Shop and Princess and the Pea. You don’t need to buy your own unless you really want to. And, of course, you are always welcome to bring your favourite and/or memorable items, but please make sure to let me know ahead of time — this way I will be able to better coordinate them with the rest of the session.


In the days leading to your session, introduce your baby to different textures and colours — have them play with mashed potatoes, porridge, applesauce, whipped cream, yoghurt, etc.

Your baby will be more confident with the cake if they had played with various textures before. To bolster confidence even further — consider making a “trial” session with some finger foods on the floor to make your baby more familiar with the idea.

However, a word of caution: encourage but do not force! Never grab their hands and put them into a new texture. Instead, put your hands in first, play with the food yourself. Give them as much time as needed, be patient. Be a model, show them what to do, how to play, but never force — it might be scary for the baby at first.

Few days before the session, consider getting a real cupcake and let your baby test it. Remember, no force!


Session Day

Some babies love to try new things while others prefer to take their time, treat new things, places and people with healthy scepticism.Take it easy, try to keep your routine, but avoid extra activities and classes back-to-back with the session. Stay home, enjoy your family time. Make sure your baby had a healthy protein breakfast and had a nap. Pack a diaper bag with a towel, favourite toys and finger foods anything that baby loves. What if I want to be in a shot. Absolutely, discuss this with us prior to the session. Wearing a block colour to match the session set up is recommended. Above all, bring your smile and cheerful mood! It is, after all, not a job to do — it is a celebration to have. Please be patient, and let me do my magic! It will be worth it.

Not convinced…We filmed it!

Yep, you can see a clip from Georgia’s Cake Smash here!

I’m in…How do I book?

Check out our pricing structure here, We have payment plan options…so please don’t miss out.


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