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Sam + Brendan

A Beautiful Tocal Homestead Wedding

The journey to Tocal Homestead all began at Shindigs party supplies in Newcastle. Sam was new in town and had just started working there when she casually mentioned to her colleague Brendan that she was bored as she didn’t know anyone. Brendan took the opportunity to ask her out (platonically of course), suggesting they grab a bite to eat and see a movie. They never made it to the movie; instead, they talked well into the night. When he invited her over the next day and they shared their first kiss, it was the start of something very special.

“We always knew we would get married. It was just a feeling from when we first started dating.”

Six years later, they married on 21st April 2018 at the historic Tocal Homestead in the Hunter Valley. For Brendan and Sam, there was never any doubt about the location of the wedding and reception.

“As soon as we saw it, we both instantly fell in love with it and knew that’s where we should be getting married.”

They were on-point with the location! Tocal homestead is truly breath-taking, with Sam and Brendan’s wedding ceremony set under a huge fig tree, its limbs reaching down to seemingly envelope them as they said their ‘I do’s’ in front of family and friends.

Part of Brendan’s vows wonderfully highlighted his sense of humour which, funnily enough, is one of the things Sam loves most about him!

“I promise to always be there for you and to high five you whenever you feel like it.”

True to form, Sam – radiant in her beautiful blush pink gown – and Brendan gave each other a big high-five after their first husband-and-wife kiss, drawing laughter and applause from the delighted crowd.

One highlight of the day was Sam and Brendan’s unique choice of flower girl and page boy – their grandparents!  Grandpa was decked out in a shirt, shorts and braces with Harry (Sam and Brendan’s young son and second page boy) in a matching outfit.

As for the reception it was a highly-charged and emotional event, with a real feeling of ‘happy-sad’ throughout. Brendan’s father had passed away a few years prior to their big day, and unfortunately his mother became ill suddenly and could not attend the wedding either. When his sister shared a message from Mum, there was not a dry eye in the house.

The emotion of the event, both happy and sad, made for a truly memorable night; one we won’t ever forget. And we won’t forget the dancing either, especially Grandma and Grandpa’s moves (check out the pics!).

The newly married couple are now looking forward to many sharing more good times together for as Sam says, marriage is a promise to stay connected forever.’

And that they will, all while watching their beautiful children, Harry and Elaina, grow.


Venue: Tocal Homestead

Hair: JALush Hair Design

Makeup: Brooke Jade

Cake: Sprout Catering

Celebrant: Edie McCarthy 

Flowers: The Petal Collective

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